Our Story

FORESTGLOW was founded in north London in 2014. Long before this, secret plans had taken place through thinking, watching, listening, tasting, smelling and working until one day we had a name and a product.
The QUEST was to take the mediocre out of mulled wine.

The mulled wine recipes have been developed with the aim of creating a proper blend with the focus on TASTE, TRADITION and TREND! 

"Never forget about the small things" are words we believe in because we want to do it properly and be loved for it. Before we even start, we plan. Everything from mood, concept, design, sourcing, selection of components, packaging, presentation, quality and service. Every area of our business is important to us. 

FORESTGLOW is a reflection of tradition and heritage but bold and ultimately a truly modern interpretation of an old and well known drink. We will continue to explore the old stories of this drink and combine them with new ways of life and preferences.


 Camilla grew up in Sweden, in a small village called Hällefors in an area known for its wildlife, deep forests and hundreds of beautiful lakes. Recently, the area has developed a fantastic reputation for food and wine.

Camilla has a strong connection to the Sweden and Swedish countryside, " It is in these forests I take my inspiration and I have these wonderful early memories of picking wild Lingonberries and Blueberries as a girl." 

In 1994 Camilla moved to North London and the city has become a second home. There are always things that you miss when you live abroad. One of the things Camilla has missed was easy access to some warming Swedish glögg or mulled wine. The plan began. 

In 2011 Camilla met Alice Shirley at Art for Youth London and felt when the time was right, the combination of Alice passion for nature and style of painting, would be the perfect core of her mulled wine brand. Alice currently designs for the fashion house Hermès, Paris. 

FORESTGLOW Mulled Wine is now produced and bottled in a small village called Malmköping. It is a team project with many arts to it! Camilla started to investigate old recipes from the past and she developed a passion and obsession for her idea. Through her own research she identified key elements in the taste that she wanted to achieve. 

In a little red and white cottage is where we blend.  Solveig experiments and brings to life all the vivid ideas, tastes and scents that Camilla finds. Solveig is also incredibly creative and has this sixth sense when it comes to TASTE. Elise works in the distillery and in the office and share the same passion for the blends. 

The view from the cottage is an edible garden where powerful chilli, colourful flowers and ripe fruit grow and soon perhaps some grapes. The land is divided by forest and fields. The forest has wild blueberry, lingonberry, raspberry and in the fields organic wheat is growing.

In London, Sophia works closely with Camilla at different events and pop-ups. Sophia is in charge of a Swedish network in London and at our events she loves to have a chat with people and listen to customer feedback.